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    Forums Rules & Information

    This guide will explain how to use our forums properly, and what there is to know about them. Make sure to check this guide every now and then so you are up-to-date with the standards.

    What are the forums?

    It's a place where you are able to learn more about Jartex Network, stay informed, make friends, and exchange ideas. It will also provide you with many services such as asking questions, reporting user, or appealing in the case of punishment.

    How do I create a forum account?

    To create a forum account, you can simply click on the Sign Up button on top of the page.

    Note: If do you meet any problems when you are registering such as you didn't receive the verification email, please let us know here on our discord server and get in touch with us in our support rooms.

    Customizing your forum account

    There are multiple ways to personalize your account, start by clicking on your name on top, and select one of these options:

    Personal Details - Will allow you to use multiple customization tools, such as setting your status, your avatar, your gender, the display of your date of birth.

    Signature - Will allow you to customize your signature. It's what will appear under all of your posts on the forum, hence the name signature.

    Contact Details - Will allow you to customize your signature. It's what will appear under all of your posts on the forum, hence the name signature.

    Privacy - Will allow you to personalize the privacy of your account, such as who will be able to view your profile or post on it, as well as many more options.

    Preferences - Will allow you to customize what will send you an alert or not.

    Alert Preferences - Will allow you to customize what alert will send you or not.

    Avatar - Will allow you to change your profile image on forums.

    What are trophy points?

    Points are simply used to indicate others on how active / known you are around these forums. In order to obtain points, you need to complete objectives. When you reach a specific amount of points, you get given a ''forum'' rank. These ranks are the following:

    • New Member
    • Member
    • Active Member
    • Well-Known Member
    How many trophy points do you need in order to level up your rank?

    New Member requires - 0+ points.
    Member requires - 5+ points.

    Active Member requires - 20+ trophy points.
    Well-Known Member requires - 48+ trophy points.

    What are these trophies?

    Forums Rules

    If a thread has been dead for a week or more do not try to revive it by commenting on it!
    Please remember to stay on topic of the thread you’re commenting on!
    Do not attempt to steal a thread from another player!
    Do not micro-post/create threads that have no real use! (Examples: "Hello!" or "Bye!")
    Do not post one-word replies to a thread! (Examples: “?” or “lol”)
    Please try to not share personal information!
    Do not moderate the forums!
    Do not spam the forums!
    Respect everybody's opinions! If someone says a staff member is an abusive player, do not get mad at them for it.
    Make threads in the correct section! Don't just post in a random area!
    Do not start unnecessary drama! Remember that anything bad you say can be used against you in any situation.
    Do not try to pretend to be a staff member!
    Do not threaten users! (DDoS, Hacking, Death)
    No Disrespecting/Scrutinizing a religion, race, belief, or way of life!
    Do not post an IP to a server or try to take players from our server to another server!
    Note: These rules are subject to change at any given moment if need be.

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