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    Welcome to the suggestions section! The main section is where you can express your ideas to better improve the server in-game. If you have a suggestion to make the forums improve, please create a thread in the website suggestions section. Our forums runs XenForo 1.5.16, so feel free to offer add-ons.

    First, let’s talk about submitting suggestions.

    - If your suggestion is exactly the same as another suggestion currently active, yours will be archived.
    - If your suggestion is very similar to another suggestion, yours will be archived. Please post on the pre-existing thread.
    - If your suggestion is similar as another suggestion but with a different viewpoint, yours may be allowed to stay.

    Next, let’s go over posting on a suggestion.

    Please do not post only support, neutral, or no support on suggestions. We have ratings for you to do so. Not using the ratings may be seen as post farming, and the post may be deleted. When replying to a suggestion, post an informative and meaningful message. Good things to post would be, constructive criticism, why you do or do not support, etc.
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